Town Wide Music Information


List of Teachers Townwide




Weymouth High School

Kenny, Kathleen 

Duff, John 


Weymouth Middle School, Chapman Campus

Gilbert, Jean 

Loud, Darrell 

Weymouth Middle School, Adams Campus

Cawley, Brendan

MacDonald, Stephen 

Saracino, Lauren

Shirosky, Steven 


Academy Avenue, Frederick C. Murphy

Barankova, Tatiana

Ralph Talbot

Barankova, Tatiana

Landry, Douglas

Lawrence W. Pingree, Thomas W. Hamilton

Agostinelli, Michael 

Thomas W. Nash, Jr.

Agostinelli, Michael

Gilbert, Jean 

Wessagusset, William Seach

Abraham, Katrina 

Extracurricular Music Programs

Weymouth High School

Community Band & Color Guard:  Community band plays at sporting events including home football games, some basketball, and hockey games. They also play at Veteran's and Memorial Day parades, U Mass Band Day, Holiday tree lighting ceremony, and a Providence Bruins game!  As a member of this group you will get an opportunity to give back to your community, hone your musical skills, and make new friends, all while playing some fun pop, rock, holiday, and patriotic music.   (Ms. Kathleen Kenny) 

Color Guard:  Visual ensemble performs at sporting and community events.  Color Guard includes dancing, flags and rifle facsimiles.  No previous experience required.  Performs with Community Band in the fall and participates at the Veterans Day and Memorial Day Parades.  (Mr. Jason Danahy-Sheldon)  

Jazz Band:   Learn the elements of jazz, ensemble skills, and improvisation skills.  They perform at school concerts, community events, Berklee Jazz Festival, and a competitive festival in the spring.  Practices after school 2 days a week.  (Ms. Kathleen Kenny)

Winter Guard:  Winter Guard continues the training of dance, flags, rifle facsimile and saber facsimile.  Students use basics to put together a routine and participate in three (3) shows in the winter.  No previous experience required.  (Mr. Jason Danahy-Sheldon) 

Select Chorus:  

(Ms. Lauren Saracino)

Tri M Honor Society:  The Tri-M Music Honor Society® is a program of NAfME which focuses on creating future leaders in music education and music advocacy. Tri-M® is the only national honor society for student musicians in grades 6-12.  The Weymouth HS chapter began in the 2015-2016 school year under the co-direction of Ms. Kenny and Mr. Duff.  Members were responsible for many of the music related events during the school year.  Overall they raised more than $500 for the WHS music department.   

(Ms. Kathleen Kenny)

Coming Soon:  WHS Drumline

Chapman Middle School

Chorus:   (Mr. Darrell Loud) 

Abigail Adams Middle School

Musical Club:  (Ms. Lauren Saracino) Currently 150 performing students and 25 stage crew. Enrollment in October. Winter choral music in two parts from October thru early December. Early December choral concert. December auditioning and casting for spring musical. Musical mid to late May. Club participants also take part in holiday performance at Derby Shoppes, Providence Bruins Game, Weymouth’s Got Talent

Piano Club:  
(Mr. Stephen MacDonald) 

Winter Color Guard:   The Adams Color Guard program meets once a week on Tuesdays after school at Abigail Adams campus. Students learn basics for dance, flag, rifle facsimile, and saber facsimile. Students use these skills to put together a routine. Students are also invited to participate with the High School Color Guard at the Veterans Day and Memorial Day Parades. (Mr. Jason Danahy-Sheldon) 


Description of Curricular Theater Arts Program at Adams:  Theater Arts is an exploratory one term long class that is an introductory course for students. The class covers units in improvisation, acting and theater composers of the last 100 years. Students then analyze and respond to a musical film and end with a costuming unit with a final project.  Fifth and Sixth graders meet in separate classes.  Classes meet on alternating days.  (One CEP class does meet over a year, twice a cycle.)  Although theater arts covers musicals in a theater context, it is not a musical class or a substitute for a general music class.  (Mr. Brendan Cawley)

Instrumental Private Lessons: Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Levels for Grades 4-12

After school HALF-HOUR PRIVATE lesson with your child and their teacher. Lessons for clarinet, saxophone, flute, trumpet, trombone & euphonium (baritone) will be held in the WHS or AAMS, depending on the teacher. 

What a great and exciting way for your child to become more proficient on their instrument; practicing at home, band rehearsals, PLUS a private instructional lesson with talented, professional teachers! The registration form has the teacher information including their contact information. To enroll for the Instrumental Music Lessons program, please fill out the sheet on the back. Sign it and return the registration form to your child’s music teacher; Ms. Kenny, Mr. Shirosky, or Ms. Gilbert. 

Payment installments will be MONTHLY. On the first lesson of the month, a check made out to the TOWN OF WEYMOUTH should be handed into your child’s private lesson teacher. Each lesson is $17.00. If your child misses a lesson, it is up to their teacher if a make-up lesson can be arranged. These are professional teachers who work in other communities to better our young musicians and they may not have the means of doing make-up lessons and/or rescheduling. 

For more information about the program, please email me, I am thrilled we have this program! I look forward to working with you and your child this year! 


Ms. Jean Gilbert

Instrumental Music Lesson Coordinator

Maria Chapman Middle School Band Director

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