Weymouth Wildcats Drumline

Welcome to The Drumline!

We practice Tuesday Nights from 6:30 to 8:00 PM in the WHS band room.

We are using the Vic Firth Online Marching Percussion Education Library and will be introducing music as we progress through the year.

Go to http://vicfirth.com/marching-percussion-101-technique-exercises/

Download the material and watch video demonstrations.  A PDF is provided below. Printed booklets are also available. 



Below is the Vic Firth Marching Percussion PDF and a Thom Hannum Check Pattern Exercise which is also available at https://umassdrumline.org (which I encourage you to visit)

This exercise will help develop aternate sticking (rlrl rlrl)

Snare Tap Off, Sticks Out & In

Snare Drum Technique

Bass Drum Technique

Quad Technique

Mallet Technique

Cymbal Technique