WMB Chapter Information

WMB or Parent Council Meeting Dates, Times and Location


WMB K-12 will meet once a year in May at WHS Band Room 

Contact: www.weymouthmusicboosters.org info@weymouthmusicboosters.org

WMB: WHS Chapter 1st Monday of the month 7 pm WHS Band Room

contact: info@weymouthmusicboosters.org

WMB: MS Chapter: Contact Valerie Giannandrea Val7@comcast.net

WMB: Seach Chapter: Valerie Giannandrea Val7@comcast.net

WMB: Ralph Talbot Chapter: 


Weymouth Parent Council Meeting Dates, Times and Location


TWPC:  1st Tuesday of the month, 7 pm, WHS Humanities Center

Pingree Parent Council:  1st Wednesday of the month, School Library

Murphy Parent Council:  2nd Wednesday of the month, 7 pm, school gym

Seach Parent Council:  2nd Wednesday of the month, Library

Wessagusset Parent Council:  6:30 pm, Library

Middle School Parent Council:  Adams/Chapman

Nash Parent Council:  4th Tuesday of the month

Academy Parent Council:

Hamilton Parent Council:

Talbot Parent Council:  Wednesday, 7 pm, Library

Membership Requirements


The WMBA shall consist of Parents, Guardians and Friends of students participating in the music programs of the Weymouth Public Schools, and any other individuals interested in furthering the purpose of the WMBA.”



Town Wide WMB will potentially consist of 10 chapters.

The chapters will consist of:

• 1. Each of the 8 primary schools.

• 2. One middle school chapter consisting of Adams and Chapman.

• 3. The WHS chapter that already exists.

• 4. Parents or a school’s parent council are not required to organize a WMB chapter at any school.

Organizational makeup

• 1. Necessary numbers of members to allow for the election of Officer’s and follow Roberts Rules of Order (WHS currently), or

• 2. One member on a school’s parent’s council, or

• 3. Several member’s meeting monthly.



Each chapter must:

• 1. Follow the WMB Bylaws

• 2. Open up a joint bank account using WMB tax id #, when you have income or expenses.

• 3. Report at the end of August its financial information to the WHS treasurer for the purpose of preparing the tax return and non-profit filings due annually by the Association.

• 4. One representative of Chapter meets once annually in May with other chapter representatives at WHS.

• 5. Any fundraiser must be clearly identified by the Chapter name.


How To Become A Chapter

 Sounds great! How do we start! 

  •Go to your school’s next parent council meeting, and tell them all about the WMB’s. •Have a K-12 Committee Rep. speak at your next PC meeting. •

Fill in the chapter membership form (See Documents Page) and email it to info@weymouthmusicboosters.org •Introduce yourselves to your music teachers. Give them your contact information. Invite them to a meeting.  •Get to know your music teacher. We prepared a survey based on Dr.N’s report. You can download it in word from our Website, edit it, and email to your teacher. Or prepare one of your own. The music teachers know the surveys are coming! • • 

How do we help our music teacher?


•Volunteer in a music classroom if teacher thinks helpful.

•Conduct fundraisers. 

•Assist in extracurricular programs, including providing an honorarium for your music teacher if there is no stipend available. 

•Purchase music and/or instruments beyond current music budget. 

•Volunteer and assist with expenses regarding musically themed field trips.